Hi! My name is Gabriella. I'm currently a student at one of those liberal arts colleges somewhere in the New York (only for like two more months though!) I really like tea. I don't eat gluten which is sad because I really like beer and bread. They're, like, my two favorite things. Oh, and cheese. I love cheese. But I still eat cheese, guys. Don't worry– the world hasn't stopped spinning yet. (But it will when I stop eating cheese and drinking tea. Just so you know. My eating/drinking habits can be used to determine when the apocalypse will happen.)

Things I like: dinosaurs, space, tea, cheese, tea, WINE, cheese, tea cheese (? does this exist, please someone give it to me if it does,) murder mysteries, Nancy Drew, tea, Ireland, cheese, cats, big cats, faux toes, BOOKS, the Principality of Sealand, NPR/Terry Gross/This American Life/Ira Glass, FOOD, traveling, hiking, sleeping, netflix, procrastination, music (duh), snow, fall leaves, summer, spring, elephants, chipmunks, wolves, you know actually just animals in general, star wars, ghostbusters, miyazaki

Things I don't like: autoimmune diseases that prevent me from eating delicious things (gluten free bread, beer, and pasta are NOT as good as gluten bread, beer, and pasta), fox news, photos of me taken when I was in middle school, the transition between winter and spring, humidity, hunger, writer's block, the movie crash, insomnia... I don't like a lot of things, but I'm having trouble thinking of them, which I guess is good, so I'll add to this later.

I apologize if none of this makes sense. I'm exhausted. And procrastinating! (See: things I like.) Now I'm going to watch netflix (!) and go to sleep. Hopefully.

This is basically what I look like when I'm trying to get rid of that pesky foam mustache. Because that's what everyone wanted to see, I know.